HER Voice Grantees

HER Voice Grantees


Acholi Renaissance Youth Association (ARYA) is a legally registered not-for-profit and Non-Governmental Organization operating in northern Uganda in thematic areas of Health, Education and Livelihood targeting vulnerable households of children, youth and young women. We envision a Healthy, educated and self-reliant community. Our mission is to work with the grass root community, government of Uganda, international and local organizations and other actors for sustainability and development of the community through their effective participation for self-reliance.

ARYA works through existing community structures using IEC materials, conduct exchange visits, training and other capacity building measures. We partner and collaborate with media houses, government structures and other stakeholders.

YES Trust Zimbabwe

YES Trust Zimbabwe is a youth led Civic Society Organization based in Plumtree, formed in 2009 and formerly registered in 2013 as a Trust with the vision of promoting youth increased access to information as provided by the country’s constitution and the mission as to inspire , empower communities through combining education and entertainment in its activities . The organization conducts its advocacy through a strong youth-edutainment methodology, which employs edutainment/multimedia to engage decision makers in local discourse on issues affecting young people, and to raise awareness of pertinent SRHR information, Sexual and Gender Based Violence.


HOPE for Adolescents and Youth (HOPE)

HOPE for Adolescents and Youth (HOPE) is a youth and women-led non-governmental organization registered as a Trust in 2017 in Zimbabwe. HOPE seeks to respond to the needs of young people (10-24 years) including adolescent girls and young women. HOPE’s mission is to facilitate a platform for young people’s voice and enable them to realize and unleash their potential. HOPE empowers vulnerable and marginalized adolescents and youth by providing appropriate information and skills so that they make informed decisions, become gender sensitive, participate actively in economic spheres and are able to make the right choices and decisions at all levels.

Childlife Mozambique

Childlife Mozambique is a national non-governmental organization, which was established in 2015 with focus on intervention in Early Childhood Development, With the rising community challenges, Childlife has restructured to integrate, promote and defend the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women, Girls and Youth living with HIV-AIDS, taking into account that women are diverse and at a certain moment they are mothers and/caregivers to children. Their social and health problems can directly affect the normal development and growth of their children.



Leap Girl Africa is a young women-led Organization founded in 2016. We advance the rights of girls, youth living with HIV and young women and education, prevent and respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), improve girls’ access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and related items and services. We envisage a #GBVfreecommunity, where every girl is educated, her rights are respected, her voice is heard and she is given an opportunity and resources to reach her full potential.


BodyTalk is a women-led Organization in 2017 using peer-advocacy to educate AGYW on Body Image, Self-esteem and Health. Our aim is to educate women and young girls on positive body image, sexual and reproductive health and to promote women’s rights. Started as a social media campaign, our work is person-centred and based on the influence of shared knowledge and experience.

Our goal is to empower AGYW to cultivate positive body image, develop self-esteem and health awareness so that they can hack the well of potential within them and influence actions that affect their lives and communities.


Hope For Vulnerable Children Association (HOVUCA)

HOVUCA is a Cameroon women – led nonprofit organization founded and registered in 2012. Our mission is to use research, education, and advocacy and community partnerships to enhance child protection systems and facilitate vulnerable children’s access to basic facilities while breaking barriers for the girl child. HOVUCA is identified with: – promoting children’s rights and equality for girls; building the capacities of AGYW to uphold their SRHR, fight against HIV/AIDS, STIs, SGBV, drug abuse, unsafe abortion as well as provide livelihood skills to improve on their health and standard of living.

Youth Engage (Zimbabwe)

Youth Engage is a grassroots youth focused organization that advocates for the health, well-being and human rights of all young people. We believe in Youth-led, data-driven accountability. The youth-led accountability mechanism that we use focuses on utilizing the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data in national advocacy around Zimbabwe health targets and other health policies and interventions. Our desire is to assist the Government to meet its objective to realize the impact of its programmes at national and global-levels. Youth Engage is also the ACT!2030 Convener in Zimbabwe, a coalition of youth led and serving organizations in Zimbabwe, which engages young people on issues around advocacy and accountability.


Voice Of Youth Tanzania -VOYOTA

Voice of Youth Tanzania is an organization legally registered in Tanzania under the ministry of community development, Gender, Women and children. It is a youth-led organization located in Usa-River, Arusha, Tanzania. The organization is dedicated in improving people’s lives in particular, under-resourced youth. As a youth and community centered organization, we believe in youth, which is why most of our programs are designed to address their struggles, wishes and aspirations. VOYOTA vision is a Tanzania society with unlimited possibilities and transformative opportunities for youth. Mission is to support Youth efforts by promoting social welfare through research, vocational training, economic empowerment, awareness raising, networking and advocacy.

Regional Network of Children and Young People Trust (RNCYPT) - Zimbabwe

Regional Network of Children and Young People Trust (RNCYPT), is a child and youth focused organization that is working in Zimbabwe founded in 2012. RNCYPT works to transform how societies treat children and young people; through ensuring that children and young people are active citizens who demand access to all their rights, hold duty bearers to account and mobilize communities for the respect, promotion and fulfilment of their rights. RNCYPT believes in a holistic approach to the rights of children and young people, including empowering them as actors for justice and advocates of their own human rights.



Rural Focus Zambia (RUFOZ) is a registered Non- Governmental Organization based in Rural Zambia – Northern Province. RUFOZ operates in the following different thematic areas: Education, Technology and Innovations, Community development, Health and Nutrition, Finance, Entrepreneurship and empowerment, Water, Energy and Smart Agriculture Climate Change, Environment Protection and Tourism. Our vision is to build social capital among rural Zambians with a mission to facilitate the development of human capacity and self-reliance within a caring and socio-economic environment in rural areas. Our broader goal is to contribute to poverty eradication by promoting integrated rural development through Education and capacity building.

Common Action for Gender Development Cameroon (COMAGEND)

COMAGEND is a women and girl led organization created in 2016. We seek to empower, educate, connect and support Women and Adolescent girls to participate meaningfully in political issues as well as policy designing, implementation and evaluation. We want to see a society where women and adolescent girls enjoy social inclusion and freedom of expression at all levels of decision making.

We are independent, non-partisan and non-sectarian. We are committed to accountability, transparency and respect of rights. We uphold equal opportunity for every member of the community and we desire to have an inclusive society



Pemba Poverty Eradication and Human Development Association (PEPOHUDA) agrees that poverty dehumanizes segregates and oppresses human dignity, and therefore it thought the need to acknowledge and works closely to alleviate these poverty evils on the face of human being by increasing accountability and personal responsibility toward critical and hypothetical WAR against poverty in Zanzibar.

To facilitate action to reduce poverty and make the people free from infectious diseases. The Association services are focused to the poor communities and accomplishing with the following components: Social welfare, Education, Health, Water Resources, Environmental Conservation, Resource Mobilization.

Sustainable Women Organization (SWO)- Cameroon

Sustainable Women Organization-SWO is a non-profit, women led community based organization that works to enhance education and empowerment of underprivileged women, girls and children especially those in the rural communities to live a healthy life, enhancing potentials, and promote sexual reproductive health, education and rights through innovation, inclusive and holistic approach in Bamenda- Cameroon. Founded in 2018, our mission is to build sustainable communities free from unemployment and promote good health and livelihood for all. Our strategy includes research, capacity building, training, advocacy, and inclusive participation of women and girls in the design, implementation and monitoring of programs and policies that touch on us as women.


IDIWA is a voluntary, not for profit non-governmental Organisation established in 2000. IDIWA is focused on advocacy for respect of human rights, economic opportunities including access to and control of productive resources, health, reproductive rights, and education.

IDIWA visualizes an inclusive society in which Women and Girls with Disabilities-WGDs and their families are self-reliant, emancipated and respected. Our mission is to empower WGDs and their families to maximize their potential and improve their standard of living.The overall Goal of IDIWA is to improve the quality of life of WGDs and their families.


Young and Alive Initiative

Young and Alive Initiative (YAAI) is a Tanzanian youth-led non-profit organization founded in 2015 by passionate young professionals and got fully registered in 2017.Our vision is to see a Tanzanian society that respects and protects rights of young people to have access to youth- friendly sexual reproductive health information and services. Our mission is to actively engage and empower young professionals and talented youth with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to become advocates of youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services and information. Our approach is using young people’s talents and skills through Innovation, art and ICT.

APAPURG - Lirandzu (Association to Support Populations and Vulnerable Groups)

APAPURG – Lirandzu (Association to Support Populations and Vulnerable Groups) – is a national non-governmental organization that implements health and social action programs with a greater focus on HIV and AIDS and support for OVCs.

APAPURG Supports vulnerable populations and groups with activities in the areas of prevention and mitigation of the impact of HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and provides support to OVCs in the provinces of Maputo, Nampula, Inhambane, Cabo Delgado and with prominence throughout Gaza Province – Mozambique.


Hope Centre for Children, Girls and Women in Tanzania (HCCGWT)-Tanzania

Hope Centre for Children, Girls and Women in Tanzania (HCCGWT) is a community-based, women and youth-serving human rights organization registered as a Not―for―Profit Non-Governmental Organization. HCCGWT envisions to create a platform for amplifying the voices of adolescents and young people and maximizing their level of engagement in socio―economic issues that affect their health and wellbeing in Tanzania. The overall goal of HCCGWT is to strengthen adolescents, young women and women rights organizations capacity building, strategize alliances and engage Adolescents, young women and women of reproductive age CSO’s to fulfil their transformational and social action in order to advance gender equality, health, inclusion and wellbeing.

Karibu Cultural Contact (KCC) is an organization established and registered officially in Tanzania since 2005. KCC’s core mission is to advance excellence in the psychosocial care and promote the understanding of Adolescent Girls and Young Women on GBV, HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights mainly through the medium of theatre, advocacy and participatory initiatives.


Africaid is a community-based organization in Zimbabwe established in 2004, which, through its Zvandiri program, seeks to ensure that children, adolescents, and young people living with HIV have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to live happy, healthy, safe, fulfilled lives.

The Zvandiri program combines community and health facility-based HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services for children, adolescents, and young people – through the provision of differentiated service delivery led by trained mentored young people living with HIV called Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS) and integrated within the Zimbabwean national service delivery system.


Community Participation for Improved Service Delivery (COPISED) is a registered Not for Profit organisation in Uganda started in 2000. Our mission is to empower communities to advocate for improved service delivery through monitoring, inclusive participation, information sharing and partnerships. Our thematic areas are in WASH, HIV/AIDS, livelihood, social accountability, governance and rights. Our beneficiaries are vulnerable communities (youths, adolescents, young women and children and other marginalized groups) often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. We support and equip them with relevant information, skills to claim their rights and overcome socioeconomic barriers in their communities. Currently our programs are in the great Eastern region of Uganda.

NZP+ Mufumbwe Chapter is a network of Zambian people living with HIV

NZP+ Mufumbwe Chapter is a network of Zambian people living with HIV based in mufumbwe district of Northwestern – Zambia the organization was formed in 2005 with aim of improving the quality of life for people living with HIV. The organization is registered with mufumbwe town council and affiliated to the NZP+ national office. It has a membership of four thousand five hundred (4,500) based in deferent support groups it has 150 support groups. The network conduct awareness campaigns in the community to reduce stigma among young living with HIV and HIV prevention.


Resilient Youth for Change

Resilient Youth for Change abbreviated as YOCA is a nonprofit non-Governmental organization established 2002 in Lusaka, Zambia.

YOCA works with children, adolescents, youths and women in prisons and hard to reach areas to respond to problems affecting them. The focus of YOCA is promoting and advocating for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) and Social Justice in Zambia. Our vision is a society where children, young people, women and men enjoy quality access to SRHR and WASH services. Our Goal is to increase the knowledge, access and utilization of SRHR and wash services for adolescent girls and young women.


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