Our Journey

In 2004, there was a realization of the need to virtually connect young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) and to decision –making spaces. In 2010, the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (GNP+) wanted to come up with a youth programme then Y+ Programme was born.

In a bid to provide feedback to the programme, 28 YPLHIV were selected for their outstanding commitment to voluntary work, as well as their connection to HIV work in their region or community. This was the Y+ Advisory Group which called for a strategic planning process, to pin down the aims of our network of young people living with HIV.

The need for a governance structure translated into the creation of our Y+ Steering Committee in 2015, which serves the entire community of adolescents and YPLHIV. To enhance the responsibilities of our committee members, we reviewed their roles and in 2017 we created the Y+ Global Board, who now have specific responsibilities, work priorities, rights and duties, as well as a clear process of electing new board members.

Mission, Vision & Goals

Y+ Global

Governance Board

The driving wheel behind Y+ Global

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Igor Kuchin


Asia Pacific

Daren Paul Katigbak


Renatta Langlais


Latin America

Moises Maciel


East and South Africa

Tanaka Chirombo


Central Europe

Aishling McCormack


North America

Korrion Gary


Western Central Africa

Enow Awah Georges

Medjahed Mohand Ameziane

Middle East and North Africa

Medjahed Mohand Ameziane

Executive Office


Director of Programmes, Management and Governance

Cedric Nininahazwe


HER Voice Fund Coordinator

Maximina Jokonya


Constituency Strengthening Advisor

Gabriela Romero


Communication, Evidence & Influence Advisor

Tinashe Rufurwadzo


Programmes Support

Chinmay Modi


HER Voice Fund Finance Officer

Emilia Madzinga

Our Partners

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